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Employment/Vocational Options

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Dreams are for everyone. So many people with developmental disabilities, mental illness and substance abuse issues have never been given the chance to dream, let alone reach their dreams.

At Monarch, we are committed to helping people’s dreams take flight. We do not believe “good enough is good enough” for anyone. Our dedicated staff all believe that we can help make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

What is your dream?
We start by listening to each person’s ideas, interests and passions. We help them focus on their strengths and respect their opinions. We involve their family, if they wish. With perseverance, dedication and creativity, Monarch finds ways to help them help themselves. The truck driver who couldn’t read maps or street signs. With the help of a GPS system, he can do cross country deliveries. The young man who went to work in a cafeteria setting, but needed constant reinforcement. Our employment specialist worked with one of the cooks asking her to make eye contact with him about every 15 minutes or so and nod her head or smile. He was thrilled. Amazing, what a smile can do for someone.

Monarch Supported Employment
We will teach skills, help with resume preparation and filling out of applications, set up interviews, provide interview skills training and do whatever we can to help people get the job. Once they are employed, we are there to continue to coach them as long as they need it. We collaborate with vocational rehabilitation, if appropriate, or other agencies that may be of assistance, such as local employment security commission offices.

Monarch Small Business
We help each person come up with the idea that works for them, set up the business, and manage the business. Maybe they could carve out their own niche? Like the gentleman who opened a coffee kiosk in the local hospital. Or, the lady who sells purses and jewelry and makes enough money to take great vacations. Whatever the dream, Monarch is there to help make it happen every step of the way. We also help find the right professionals, such as an accountant, to assist people along the way.

Monarch Skills Enhancement
We provide environments for those in need of particular skills used in the community or the workplace. We work closely with each person to ensure understanding of the skill set required for the job. This includes an emphasis on communication skills, responsibility, attire, attendance and many other useful tips for the workplace. We work with each person to help them spread their wings as they enter the workplace.

After listening to individuals to better understand their specific needs, goals and dreams, we then work together to determine the best course of action to get them going on the road to employment.

Didn’t see what you were looking for? Call us anyway. We’d love to consider designing something just for you!

Specific Services

  • Compensatory education
  • Day Supports
  • Developmental Therapy
  • ADVP (Adult Day Vocational Program)
  • Supported Employment
  • Innovations Vocational Supports and CAP/MRDD
  • Innovations community supports and CAP/MRDD
  • Personal Assistance
  • Community Transition
  • Vocational Evaluation (community and site based)
  • Community Based Assessments
  • Situational Assessments
  • Vocational Training
  • Supported Employment
  • Long-term vocational supports
  • Waiver supports (CAP/Innovations)
  • Work adjustment
  • Micro-enterprise
  • Mobile Work Crews
  • Enclaves

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