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Long-Term Services and Supports for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

We believe in people, even when they may not believe in themselves. We believe that people living with intellectual or developmental disabilities deserve the chance to define themselves not by their diagnosis or some label, but by their dreams. And we help them to achieve what is important to them.

Life at Monarch

Residential Options
Our residential options provide a variety of independent and shared living arrangements for individuals of all ages in need of support. Houses, apartments and group homes are just a few examples of the many housing opportunities and levels of Monarch support available. We also provide respite services to allow family members to enjoy personal time while their loved one is cared for by attentive professionals.*

Employment Services
Few things are more empowering for people than to work and earn their own income. Our Employment Services give people the opportunity to acquire employable skills, job training, learn interviewing and develop interpersonal and soft skills, like interacting with others, dressing appropriately and arriving to work on time, to help people maintain long-term employment. We have learned that as a result of their work experience, people gain a sense of purpose and self-worth that is far more valuable than the paycheck they earn.

Monarch’s Employment Support Professionals will help people find their job of choice and Vocational Direct Support Specialists will continue to provide support to employees and their employer once they have developed the necessary job skills to maintain employment.

We also help people work for themselves. Whether it’s pet sitting, making and selling jewelry or art – or establishing a snack bar at a fitness center, we do everything we can to help qualified individuals set up and manage their own small businesses. There are also training opportunities like working in one of Monarch’s gift shops to give people the chance to sell their wares. We also seek enriching volunteer opportunities for people who wish to give back and experience inclusion within the community. Monarch volunteers have consistently given back over 36,000 hours yearly to their communities.


We encourage the people we support with disabilities to be active and experience all that life has to offer to ensure they enjoy fulfilling lives. Through our day, we emphasize choice and provide options that give people the chance to socialize and integrate within their communities. Participants spend their days achieving new goals, while interacting with others and making friends. They enjoy meaningful activities like art, music and dance programs, gardening, cooking classes and volunteering. We provide an array of structured activities for recent high school graduates and adults of all ages that offer them opportunities for skill-building and life enrichment.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Monarch’s programs and services, please call (866) 272-7826. A team member can provide details about what services and supports are available in your area. You can find a complete list of services on our website at*Services funded by waiver, Innovations, Vocational Rehabilitation, state funds, ICF/MR funding or by private pay.



For more information about our residential or community services or to schedule a visit, call (866) 272-7827.

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