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Psychiatric Advance Directive (PAD)

padA Psychiatric Advance Directive (PAD) is a document executed by a person supported that expresses their wishes in advance regarding what types of treatments, services, and other assistance they want during a personal mental health crisis. Monarch will begin asking individuals who seek treatment if they have a PAD beginning in November and documenting this information in the electronic health record.

What is an Advance Directive?

An advance directive is a set of directions you give about the medical and mental health care you want if you ever lose the ability to make decisions for yourself. North Carolina has three ways for you to make a formal advance directive. These include: living wills, health care powers of attorney, and advance institutions for mental health treatment.

Do I have to have an advance directive? What happens if I don’t?

Making an advance directive is your choice. If you become unable to make your own decisions and have no advance directive, your physician or mental health care provider will consult with someone close to you about your care. Discussing your wishes for medical and mental health treatment with your family and friends now is strongly encouraged, as this will help ensure that you get the level of treatment you want when you can no longer tell your physician or other health care or mental health care providers what you want.

For more information about Psychiatric Advance Directives (PAD), visit the following websites:

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