Welcome to Monarch’s Experts Guide.

We pride ourselves on hiring exceptional staff who stay abreast of the latest information in their fields of expertise. Our employees have a wide range of knowledge in both the behavioral health field and with topics surrounding people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This guide will help introduce you to our experts and provide contact information so you can get your questions answered.

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Amanda Matthews, MA, LPA, HSP-PA

amatthewsStaff Psychologist for Monarch actively supporting, educating, and empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

She has presented at numerous professional conferences, most recently including both the 2014 Spring and Fall North Carolina Training, Instruction, Development, and Education (NC TIDE) Conferences, the 2013 National Adolescent Perpetration Network (NAPN) International Conference, and the 2012 Spring North Carolina Juvenile Services Association (NCJSA) Conference.

Matthews graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dartmouth College, with a B.S., with Honors, in Psychological and Brain Sciences. She received her M.A. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Notre Dame.

She is also a board member of the North Carolina Association for the Management and Treatment of Sexual Offenders (NCAMTSO).

Ana Liza Cisneros-Howard, MSW, LCSW

Ana-Liza Cisneros-Howard copy

Behavioral health therapist and registered play therapist through the Association of Play Therapy. Play therapy has been her specialization since graduate school and her primary focus in professional practice.


Bill Garrot, MA, LPC, LCSW

Bill GarrotBill has worked in behavioral health for 25 years with nearly a decade of experience in crisis services. He has also served as a crisis services supervisor and hospital liaison and has spent time as an outpatient therapist providing individual, group, and family therapy to latency age children, adolescents and adults. Additionally, he is a certified forensic screener, who has worked with local law enforcement to evaluate people’s capacity to proceed to trial.  He is a licensed clinical social worker, has extensive experience in mental health crisis services and earned both an undergraduate and master’s degrees from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Charlotte Roberts, LPC

Charlotte RobertsSpecializes in working with depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, grief and loss, life changes and coping with medical illnesses through individual and group therapy.

Roberts works with all ages and is a trained art therapist, but also provides more traditional forms of evidence based therapy such as CBT and DBT.

Chris Abbey, MA, LPC


Specializes in treating anxiety, ADHD, personality disorders, depression, those who self-harm, and facilitating in mental health and substance use crisis management.

Treatment modalities Abbey uses: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), mindfulness, stress reduction and relaxation, stages of change and Motivational Interviewing (MI), Illness Management and Recovery (IMR).

Dr. Peggy Terhune

Dr. Peggy Terhune1CEO of Monarch and The Arc of Stanly County since June 1995.

Under her leadership, Monarch has moved towards evidence-based and best practice in all areas, successfully added services, enhanced community integration, improved customer satisfaction, reduced turnover and successfully developed programs to serve consumers with multiple disabilities. She has worked with and advocated for people with disabilities for more than 40 years.

Dr. Robert McHale, M.D., M.S.

Dr. Robert McHale1Monarch’s Medical Director, FAPA and a Board Certified Psychiatrist specializing in evidence-based mental health care practices for both adults and adolescents.

John L. Garland, Ed.S., LPC

John Garland1Licensed clinical psychotherapist, USAF veteran, 5 years’ experience providing mental health services for Veterans Affairs and 17 years post graduate experience in the field.

Extensive experience working with families coping with domestic violence/substance abuse, compulsive behaviors and in a variety of clinical settings.

Appointed liaison for the National Guard and NC mental health systems and member of the NC Governors’ Veterans Outreach Task Force.

Extensive experience working/collaborating with Office of Victims Assistance, Department of Social Services, Child/Adult Protective Services, SC/NC National Guard, NC Reserves and local law enforcement agencies.

In 2010, Garland was appointed as liaison for the National Guard and NC mental health systems. It is a veteran/psychiatrist/social worker comprised task force charged with implementing timely and appropriate mental health care for veterans and breaching the barriers which now prevent that. In November 2011, I was asked to join the NC Governors’ Veterans Outreach Task Force. Most recently, South Carolina Veterans Affairs awarded to me the 2012 Non VA Mental Health Care Provider of the year.

Jude Johnson, MA, LMFT

Jude JohnsonMain area of expertise: Mindfulness-meditation

Karen S. Holst, EdD, LCSW

Karen HolstSpecializes in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and mindfulness meditation with a Doctorate degree in Human Services Administration.
Has experience working with a variety of populations in various settings including, inpatient and outpatient settings, short and long-term treatment with the SPMI population.

Leigh Anne Herring, LCSW

Leigh Herring1Has experience working as a Behavioral Health Specialist doing crisis assessments and interventions as well as placements and referrals for various levels of care.  Herring specializes in providing care to new people Monarch serves daily through its Open Access program and assisting them in linking with the appropriate resources either within Monarch’s system or with other area providers.

Randall Purdy, M.D.

Randall  Purdy

Child and Adolescent psychiatrist. 



Richale Reed, MA, LPC, LCAS-A

RichaleProfessional counselor and clinical addiction specialist associate. She also works with at-risk women and girls and facilitates mental health and substance abuse therapy.

Before joining Monarch, Richale was the Team Lead Therapist for NC MENTOR in Greensboro, NC where she worked with families in an intensive therapy model. Richale joined the Monarch in May of 2014 to become the first therapist in our residential detox and crisis facility in Lumberton, NC. In this position she conducts both groups and individual mental health and substance abuse therapy and is responsible for program development.

Sarah OHoro-Nash , LCSW


Specializes in working with youth who sexual harm, along with working with victims of sexual abuse.


Sarita Favers

Sarita FavorsSpecializes in working with adults and adolescents, empowering both from a community and residential based setting and is working to obtain her PhD in Forensic Psychology to better aid in developing and enhancing the skill sets with the population she serves.

Sharita Shelby, M.A. LPC-ACT Team Lead

Sharita Shelby1Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in couples counseling, personality disorders, and family systems.

Shelby has spent her career serving the underserved population. Her professional experiences range from beginning in case management, to private practice outpatient, and being a  former clinical director.

Sharyn M. Comeau, M.D.

Sharyn ComeauPediatric and adult psychiatrist who specializes in autism spectrum disorders and mental health for all ages.

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