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Dollar Tree presents service award to Rosalind Howell

Dollar Tree offered Rosalind an opportunity, she returned the favor by being a stellar employee. The store presented her with a 5-year Service Award.

Rosalind Howell, a resident of Monarch's Carmel Forest Home and a client of Supported Employment Network (SENET), needed a job and the management team of Dollar Tree, located on Pineville Matthews Road in Charlotte,  provided an opportunity. Donna Fitzgerald, an employment specialist at SENET, made the match though SENET's vast network.
Rosalind Howell and coworkers
Rosalind has proved that she can not only perform her job as a stocker, but is now taking on new tasks. She is maintaining the restrooms, she is arranging the displays from flowers to kitchen items, and she is assisting customers in finding items in the store.   She is also making new friends and forming strong relationships with her co-workers. For more than a year and a half now, Co-assistant manager Kelly Sherril and Rosalind have formed an especially close bond. 

Recently, the store honored Rosalind for her five years of service.  Dollar Tree awarded her with a beautiful black leather watch and a certificate of service.

Rosalind is also a talented artist and shares her pictures of flowers and birds with the team at Dollar Tree.  They are such a valued prize with the managers that they are being framed and displayed.   Thank you, Manager Damion Denney, and the entire team at Dollar Tree (Store Manager Damion Denney  and Assistant Managers Kelly Sherrill and Rudy Arozco) for embracing Rosalind!      

About Supported Employment Network (SENET).The service opens doors to careers for people with disabilities who want to be in the workplace. SENET builds networks that help people with disabilities find supported, long-term employment through local and regional partnerships and networks within the business community. SENET offers a win-win solution for skilled workers with disabilities who are eager to join the workforce and for area businesses seeking qualified, reliable employees from entry-level to professional.

 The above article  and photograph appeared as a Business Profile in a recent issue of the SENET newsletter. To read the full article online, click here. Pictured above: Rosalind (center) stands with her coworkers at Dollar Tree on Pineville Matthews Road, where Rosalind was honored for five years of service.









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