For Shelisha Campbell Writing is Therapy, but Her Work is Turning into Much More

Shelisha Campbell isn’t one for sugar coating. Perhaps that’s why her writing is so powerful. As a self-described lifelong writer, Campbell’s poetry has helped her through some of the most challenging times in her life, including her challenges with schizophrenia.

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Giving back: recognizing the impact of volunteers

Anthony Blount is one of the many people supported at Monarch who takes every opportunity he can to help others. Outside of his regular job, he dedicates at least 10 hours each week to volunteering around the community.

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Support Inclusion Saturday brought awareness to North Carolina businesses and organizations that value inclusion

In observance of National Developmental Disabilities Month, Monarch invited businesses and organizations across North Carolina to join a new, grassroots campaign called Support Inclusion Saturday.

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Starting Over: How Kim Howard said a traumatic brain injury showed her “who I really am”

Kim Howard was on her usual route home from work one afternoon in October 2014. Howard, who was a certified nursing assistant for 23 years, enjoyed every minute of taking care of others. But this time, her commute on that Charlotte highway was one that changed her life forever.

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VOHC Art Program Seeing Growing Audience and Community Support

The people at Vocational Options of Hoke County (VOHC) are still seeing the benefits of an open house held there late last year. It’s no wonder why the program is still gaining community support.

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