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Monarch Spotlight: Christi Lambert

Spotlight CJ LambertWhen you reference Christi Lambert’s name, many people look perplexed. Although she is very well-known across the organization, most colleagues know her simply as “CJ.” A Monarch employee since 2004, Lambert was recently named vice president of compliance. In that role, she ensures that all service areas of Monarch are in agreement with applicable laws and regulations and she oversees ongoing Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement. Lambert shares more about her role at Monarch and why seeing the people we support thrive has been most rewarding.

What does a typical workday look like for you?    
Not sure there really is a typical day anymore! I deal a lot with rules and regulations and making sure we are addressing them statewide as well as interpreting them correctly.  My routine day has become more desk work and phone calls regarding accreditations, North Carolina rules, and trying to support staff in “the field” when they run into unexpected issues.

What is the most important aspect of your role and why?  
Trying to keep everyone providing services on a SIMILAR page not, necessarily the exact same one, but we need to be moving in the same direction. I try to help link the different areas/departments so we don’t spend time recreating the wheel.

What has been your most rewarding, or proudest moment, while working here?  
Seeing people succeed, staff or individuals receiving services, is always at the top and there are tons of examples of those. On a personal level, after I returned from bereavement leave nine years ago I had two individuals I supported while I was a qualified professional (QP) come up to me to tell me how sorry they were for my loss.  I was proud of that connection. It helps keep me grounded.

What do you do when you aren’t working?  
Spend time with my boys, who are ages 3 and 8, and hubby. I watch entirely too much TV – “Arrow” and “Supernatural,” anyone?  I am pretty much a homebody with no family within 100 miles, so if we travel it is generally to see them.

What movie or song best describes you?   
“Blessings” by Laura Story or “Held” by Natalie Grant. Both are pretty spot on.

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