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Channing Skinner recognized for his decade-long tenure at Food Lion

Channing SkinnerIn our fast-paced society, staying in one job for very long is becoming the exception rather than the rule.

But Channing Skinner (pictured) recently received a 10-year service award from Food Lion in Currituck County signed by Food Lion President Meg Ham. Skinner, who turns 38 this month, was honored for his long tenure, good work and dedication.

Skinner lives in a group home in Currituck County, and attends Monarch’s Currituck Lighthouse Club day program on weekdays. He works at Food Lion every Wednesday afternoon.

“He meets a lot of people,” said Juliet Baum, lead developmental specialist at the day program.

And, he shares a smile for each one of them, Baum added.

“I bag groceries, I help people out, I put groceries in their car, and I’m a greeter,” Skinner explains. “I like my job.”

Skinner is also responsible for bringing in shopping carts from the parking lot. After a decade on the job, he has no plans to leave, he said.

“I’m doing good at Food Lion,” Skinner said. “I love my job.”

Skinner is one of 18 people supported who attend the day program, Baum said, and one of a couple of people supported who have jobs.

In addition to the recognition and letter Skinner has received from Food Lion for his tenure and dedication, he will also get a little more recognition soon when he is included in the Lighthouse Club’s monthly birthday bash for the people it supports. Skinner has a lot to celebrate.

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