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Monarch’s Centralized Administrative Team making a difference one customer at a time

Centralized Customer service teamSince forming a year ago, Monarch’s Centralized Administrative Team has received kudos from internal and external customers alike.

“There weren’t enough staff members,” Morrison says. “Our big sites were sitting with backlogs of 200 releases and we couldn’t get to them.”

The team’s coordination was led by Sharon Morrison, customer service director for behavioral health. It was formed to meet the demand for administrative records as outpatient sites grew. 

These releases are requests for records to be sent or received, inside or outside of the Monarch network.


So Morrison put together a team and got started. The team, which consists of Hannah Brown, Lindsey Ashley and Chris Alnazer, handles only medical records requests and disability requests.

“We have completely gone paperless with disability requests,” Morrison notes.

When a Monarch patient files for disability, all of his or her medical records are needed to help determine eligibility. These requests are now completely electronic. This is a huge timesaver versus processing these requests via U.S. mail, Morrison notes.

By working with the state’s disability web site based in Raleigh, Morrison said, the team can process disability records requests within 24 to 48 hours. The team also handles requests for other records in the same timely manner.

“Once a paper gets signed, staff scans into electronic records,” Morrison explained. “My team prints out a report from the 19 Monarch outpatient sites and they get to work on it.”

Centralizing the team at the corporate office eliminated the need to hire additional staff at each site, she said.

“It’s just been a success,” Morrison said. “The amount of work this team puts out in a week just blows my mind. They are on top of their game and efficient.”

The team handles between 500-600 requests per week, she added. They also field phone calls from the sites. “They stay really busy, but they do an awesome job.”

Compliments from customers echo her comments.

An external stakeholder writes, “They work under the radar and are very rarely in the spotlight. This change to centralize our release of information has made an impact for Monarch on the community because we are being a very quick, efficient partner.”

A Social Security Disability paralegal from Greensboro wrote, “Lindsey worked with me to make it possible for us to get our records electronically, which is such a huge help, especially with the number of clients we serve. She is also incredibly fast! I operate on some pretty tight deadlines, and I never have to worry when it comes to my records from Monarch, because I know that Lindsey will get them to me quickly and in a format that makes it easy to process. To top it all off, she’s also a joy.”

Morrison has since transitioned to another role at Monarch, and Martha Burnette, medical records compliance coordinator, now manages the team.

“We’ve really worked hard this past year,” Morrison said, “And it’s because we have a great team. It was a win-win for everyone, and I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished in the past year.”

Pictured (l-r): Chris Alnazer, Hannah Brown and Lindsey Ashley

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