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N&N: Dream Maker Award Winners

The Monarch Employee Recognition and Appreciation Committee (MERAC) is made up of people nominated from their region and appointed to serve two-year terms by CEO Dr. Peggy Terhune. The committee meets each quarter to review exceptional staff member nominations submitted from each region and they vote on the winners. Each winner is notified by their supervisor and awarded a plaque known as “The Dream Maker Award” during various ceremonies and events that are hosted across the state.

Please join us in congratulating the following Monarch employees for being named recipients of the coveted Dream Maker Award for the past quarter:

  • Ian Murray- ACTT Associate Professional (Behavioral)- Region 1A
  • Satonya Waddell- Lead Developmental Specialist Residential (Residential)-Region 3
  • Tikela Jefferson- Developmental Specialist Vocational-Instructor (Bladen)-Region 4
  • Michelle Townsend- Qualified Professional- (Residential) - Region 5
  • Sophia Bartlett- Qualified Professional-(Residential)-Region 5
  • Angela Jenkins- Community Specialist- (Community)-Region 5
  • Kayleigh Trott- Developmental Specialist- (Vocational)- Region 6
  • Helen Roberts- Site Manager-Health Drive- (Community) Region 6
  • Mickey Merritt- Developmental Specialist (Residential)-Pamlico- Region 6
  • Katrina Montague- Operations Manager-(Residential)-Region 6
  • Veronique Byungura- Registered Charge Nurse- (Behavioral)- Region 7A
  • Amanda Maust- Employment Support Professional II- (Behavioral)- Region 7B
  • Patricia Pipkin- Administrative Assistant Behavioral Health- (Behavioral)- Region 7B
  • Lisa Charles- Medical Assistant, Administrative- (Behavioral)- Region 7B
  • Channel S. Brewington- HR Administrative Assistant- (Lillian Mill)-Region 10
  • Nicholas Hill- Network Manager-(Lillian Mill)- Region 10
  • Maelene Hayes- Recruiter-(Lillian Mill)

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