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Club Horizon Awarded Clubhouse International‘s Three-year Accreditation

ClubHorizonMonarch’s Club Horizon, a psychosocial rehabilitation center (PSR) located in Knightdale, was recently awarded a three-year accreditation through Clubhouse International, an organization that helps communities around the world create sustainable solutions for mental illness.

Clubhouse staff have been meeting for months to review standards for accreditation and ensuing that Club Horizon’s model is in compliance. They discussed what they were doing well, where they could improve by putting new standards in place, and how to continually make their program better.  

When a clubhouse is awarded the three-year accreditation they are placed in Clubhouse International's directory and are recognized as a model clubhouse.

“This is the first time in history of Club Horizon we’ve ever gotten a perfect accreditation in the first stage of the process. This is a huge step,” said Club Horizon’s Program Director Karen Troup-Galley.

She said the members are thrilled with the accreditation.

“A lot of work goes into achieving this award. We have great pride in being part of a larger global community and were working hard to be the strongest clubhouse we can.”

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