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Back to School: Helping Kids Conquer Anxiety

Back to School DrGoing back to school, or starting a new grade can be a big transition for younger children. Many children are anxious and can get stressed about the upcoming changes in the new school year. Dr. Randall Purdy, a Monarch psychiatrist, advises parents not to discount these fears.

“Your child’s fear and anxiety is real and it’s there. Remind them they aren’t the only ones with these fears, they’ll have a whole class and group of kids exactly like them,” he said.

He also provided a number of tips for parents to help them ease back into the school year.

Transition your schedule: Start transitioning from summer schedule to school schedule ahead of time: Don’t go from staying up until 2 a.m. to getting ready for school the next day. Start transitioning back two weeks prior to the start of school if possible.

Help your kids get all the information ahead of time: Go to the school, map out their classes and schedule and go over it with them to help relieve some of the stress of the unknown.

Know where your kids stand: Are they reading at grade level, do they need extra work? Keep up with their grades and provide or find support if they need extra work in a specific subject.

Consistency: Kids do much better with consistency, but boundaries help create safety and understanding as to what is allowed.

Click here for a great article from Child Mind Institute on helping kids conquer anxiety.

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