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N&N: Moving On: Harrison’s Story of Independence

Harrisons Story 1Harrison Young first came to Monarch in 2011 to live at Second Street Home in Stanly County. From the beginning, his goal has always been to become independent.

He first got a job as a file clerk working with Monarch Administrative Assistant Angela Furr. He helped her with trainings and paperwork. Eventually, as his sense of confidence and skills grew, he moved into a new home run by Easter Seals that allowed him to have a lower level of care and more independence.

But in Young’s opinion, he still hasn’t “arrived.” So he continued to work hard and pursue his goals. Last month, Young got a new job as a janitor at Monarch’s Greenwood Street working close to 15 hours a week, and after five years, finally got the notice he could move into his very own apartment.

“I was excited. I’ve been waiting all my life for this,” said Young, who is pictured.

He moved on June 1 and hasn’t looked back. For him, it’s the little things that are making a big difference in his new place. He said being able to wake up when he wants, manage his own schedule and set it up like he wants, has been a much needed change and one he loves.

Furr knows just how big of a milestone this is for Young and has been able to watch him grow the past five years.

“He’s a great worker. He can learn anything, do anything and is always pushing himself to do better. He’s always setting the bar a little bit higher for himself,” she said.

He’s already had one housewarming party with Monarch to celebrate his accomplishments and his church will soon host a second.

Young said a lot of people told him he wouldn’t make it. “But I proved a lot of people wrong,” he said with a smile.

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