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Jim Kuhn is the adult day coordinator at Station Club in Morehead City, a vocational training day program, where many of the people we support attend. He wrote the following story about George Iseman, who lives at Monarch’s residential site Schooner Shores.

Recently, one of our program participants caught me in the hallway and told me he had a problem. I could tell he was very upset about something. 

He told me he had lost $20 somewhere inside Station Club, or maybe outside, or maybe at home.  He was going to use the money for a trip to the circus and now he didn’t know what to do.

Feeling badly for him, but not wanting to pass up a possible teaching moment, I proceeded to articulate the virtues of carrying a wallet, until I returned to the original question, “How would that help him get his $20 back now?” Of course I had no real answer and could only say that if anyone turned it in I would let him know.

The following morning George Iseman, a person supported by Monarch, came into my office and told me that he had found some money by the lockers yesterday. I asked him if it was a $20 bill and he said it was. Iseman told me that he found the money yesterday afternoon when he was doing his trash pickup job. He put it in his pocket with the intent to return it, but first had to finish his work, priorities after all.  

After the rush of the regular afternoon activities at the Station Club, Iseman forgot he had the money and took it home with him that night.  Now he was standing before me, wondering if he was going to be in trouble.

I explained the situation to him, told him that he would make a certain circus goer very happy with the return of the money and reassured him that not only was he not in trouble, but what a great and honest thing he did.

We contacted the owner of the $20 bill by phone and he said he would come by to pick up the money as he was on his way to the circus at that exact moment. Iseman and I then went into the breakroom where most of the staff and his peers still were and introduced George Iseman as one honest man!

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