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N&N: Beach Club Boogie

Beach Club Boogie1The Beach Club is ready to boogie. They recently collaborated with the Dare County Arts Council to compose their own original piece of music.

Chris Sawin, Dare County Arts Council director, used a program on his iPad called Figure to create the music. Figure is a music composition program that creates short musical phrases called loops that can be layered and set on repeat. Beach Club participants took turns with the program experimenting with different drum and bass sounds. They each got a chance to test out the sounds and choose one to add to the loop to create the melody they titled: Beach Club Boogie.

“It was really cool to see their reaction to different sounds. Their creative decision making was no different than anyone else working with the software. When it was all said and done, each of them had contributed something to the song,” Sawin said.

Dare County Arts Council will continue to work with the Beach Club on a variety of other upcoming creative and art projects and they hope to make more music with participants soon.

Click here to see the making of the Beach Club Boogie.

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