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Spotlight: Sharon Stacy and Robin Bowman

Spotlight Sharon Stacy1Monarch Operations Manager Sharon Stacy has been with Monarch 24 years and Walnut Cove Developmental Specialist Robin Bowman has been here 29 years. The two women, who both work in Walnut Cove not far from Winston-Salem, have often worked side by side, and for this month’s spotlight we wanted to feature their history and work at Monarch.

Where did you both start and what do you do now?
Sharon Stacy (S.S.): I started working with Forsyth-Stokes Mental Health on May 1, 1990 as a substitute, then the agency switched names to CenterPoint. In April of 1999 I became full time.  About a year later I was hired at Walnut Cove Apartments. In June 2004 when Monarch took over I became the Operations Manager at Walnut Cove Apartments.  I met Robin Bowman when I was a sub and we have been friends since then. She is a great and loving person.
Robin Bowman (R.B.): I started in 1985 with a program called Parent and Child Enrichment Services. I worked there three years and then transferred to Adult Services, which is now Stokes Opportunity Center. I met Sharon Stacy at that time. Sharon and I have worked off and on together through the years and still talk to each other frequently. We remain friends as well as co-workers through Monarch.

What has been your most rewarding experience while working here?
: Knowing that I have made a difference in someone's life and giving them the chance to become their own person, taking them on trips that they would never have gotten to take. Giving them the chance to grow and be as independent as they can. Supporting them to make the right choices.
R.B.: God has given me the privilege of working alongside the most wonderful, hardworking, loyal, funny, people in the world! I count it an honor just to be with them every day. These guys and ladies are the best!

What is the most important aspect of your role and why?
S.S.: To let the people here know that I am here for them no matter what and I can support them in any way I will.

What do you do when you aren't working?
: I spend a lot of time with my great nieces and nephews and with my little dog Abby. I attend church every Sunday and help out a lot with the events and benefits at church.
R.B.: I go at a fast pace all day so I like to slow down some when I’m home. However, I do cook for 15 to 20 people every Sunday. This includes family and friends. I also like to go to the lake and go tubing with my grand-daughter even if I am 62 years old!

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