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Mindfulness and Mental Health: Toby’s Story

Tobys story2aToby Etheridge came to Monarch a little over two years ago. He was depressed, having suicidal thoughts and says he was very angry. After struggling to deal with his emotions on the job and at home, someone finally suggested Monarch.

When he first came in and met with Monarch staff they recommended he attend a mindfulness group session, but he was unsure if a program like that was for him.
“I went and tried it and at first it felt strange,” Etheridge admits. But he kept at it and eventually after the first few sessions he was hooked.

“I went for a year and a half and only missed one class because I wanted to get better. After the first two sessions it felt so good and all of us in the class could identify with each other. We became a close family because there was no judgement,” he explained.

He learned how to control his emotions and be in the moment when life got stressful or he found himself getting angry. Over the past year he has seen a huge difference.

“My mood has changed, I haven’t been upset, and I’ve learned how to talk to people. It has turned my whole life around. Our whole class, us doing it together, helped me in my recovery.”

Mindfulness is one of the many alternative and innovative treatment options at Monarch. To view Toby practicing mindfulness, click here

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