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Monarch Spotlight: Rochelle Deanes

Spotlight Rochelle CopyRochelle Deanes is Monarch’s Transitional Care Team registered nurse/team leader and has been with Monarch for a little over a year. We talked with her about the importance of Monarch’s Transitional Care Team (TCT) and what a typical day looks like.

Tell me a little about TCT. What is the most important part about the team?
Transitional Care is a 30-90 day service for residents of Guilford County designed to assist with the difficulties a person faces after a stay at a behavioral health hospital when they can be the most fragile. The team assists the person by educating them on their mental health diagnosis, as well as chronic conditions and medications, and helps them with follow-up care.

What does a typical day look like?
A typical workday for TCT may consist of various activities such as going out into the community to local centers and shelters to engage the homeless population we support, attending doctor’s appointments, and groups like Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. It can also mean transporting our people to other agencies such as food pantries, The Department of Social Services, or The Salvation Army to assist them with applications and appointments for resources, and helping the people we support get their medications...just to name a few things!

What is the most important aspect of your role and why?
As a registered nurse on the team, it is our responsibility to do the initial health assessment and medication reconciliation during the first face-to-face encounter with the person we support, ideally within 48 hours of discharge from the hospital. This is important for identifying and educating the person we support and their families about their illnesses both mental and physical, and medication issues that can be potentially harmful. During this assessment, person-centered goals are established and red flags, needs and barriers are identified. This first face-to-face encounter lays the foundation for the transitional care service for each person we support.

What has been your most rewarding or satisfying experience, or your proudest moment while working here?
I am rewarded every time the people we support are able to become more self-sufficient and stable in their mental health and wellness. When the people we support have completed our services and have not had a re-hospitalization, or they obtain and maintain employment, school or housing, I am rewarded knowing that TCT helped them get to a better place in their lives and we have helped them accomplish their goals.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?  
I studied dance (ballet, tap, modern) in my early years and in college, I was a cheerleader from 7th-12th grade, I play the clarinet, and I sing. I come from a long line of musicians, dancers, and educators.  Before I became a nurse, I worked as licensed cosmetologist for nearly 10 years.

What do you do when you aren't working?
I am the mother of two beautiful, brilliant boys ages 15 and six, and along with my wonderfully supportive husband, they keep me pretty busy. In my spare time I like to go dancing, attend Zumba classes, watch movies, and clean house.

What is your favorite place to visit?
The beach!

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