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River City to the Rescue

river cityEach week River City Achievement Center in Pasquotank delivers Meals on Wheels to people in Elizabeth City. Most days they have their routine down: they pick up the meals, drop them off, and spend a few minutes talking with the people who receive the meals. But this month, when they arrived at the home of a woman who they deliver meals to regularly, they were concerned when she didn’t open the door after knocking multiple times.

One person decided to look in the window and realized something was very wrong. They saw the woman lying unresponsive on the floor. Everyone immediately sprang into action and someone called 911 and the woman’s son.

Because of their quick response she was taken to the hospital and returned to her normal routine in just two days. River City participants were recognized for their persistence and swift action by the director of Meals on Wheels, who called to thank them. River City Site Manager Leslie Hughes presented them with certificates for their heroism and they celebrated with a pizza party.

Hughes said everyone was glad they could help in such a meaningful way.

“Normally we focus on the fact they’re doing a good thing by making sure program participants get a nutritious meal. But in this case, they also saved someone’s life.”

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