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Monarch Spotlight: Customer Service

spotlingThis month we are highlighting not just one staff member, but a whole team of dedicated workers. Monarch’s Customer Service Team is based in our Pee Dee Office in Albemarle, and together they field more than 4,000 calls that come into Monarch each week with skill and patience. Cindy Hinson is Monarch’s Customer Service Team Lead and she sat down to answer a few of our questions for the Monarch Spotlight.

Tell us about the customer service team and the work that they do at Monarch?  
The Customer Service Team consists of four members: Lisa Dunn, Lillian Denton, Winnie Brown and I (Cindy).  We answer all incoming calls for Monarch locations throughout the state.  We also schedule appointments for all locations.  

What does a typical workday look like for the team?  
We really do not have a “typical” workday.  When answering as many calls as we do, we never know what to expect.  Our calls can be as simple as giving directions to one of our facilities, to scheduling appointments for callers, to assisting a person in crisis to get the help that they need.   We answer each call with a clear and positive attitude, with the confidence that we can handle whatever the caller needs or be able to get them to the person who can assist them.

What is the most important aspect of the role of a customer service representative?  
Our goal for every call that we answer is to make sure the caller receives world class customer service from Monarch.  Many times we are their initial contact and we want to make sure that they are heard and they get the information or service that they are in need of.  

What has been your most rewarding or satisfying experience at Monarch so far?  
I leave my job every day knowing that I have helped someone that day.  It may have been as simple as scheduling a needed appointment, or as complex as listening to someone and getting them the emergency help that they need.  Whatever the consequence, I leave knowing that I have done all that I can do for the people who have called and I know that I have touched their lives in a positive way.  

What might someone be surprised to know about the customer service team?
I think that most people are surprised to learn that we answer anywhere from 4,500 to 5,200 calls in one week.  That can average 225 to 250 calls per day for each operator.

Anything else you’d like for people to know?
I am very proud of our team and how everyone works so well together.  If someone is absent, I can count on each member to do all that they can to ensure that our customer service does not suffer during that time.  They all give 100 percent to their jobs at all times. I have had several employees of Monarch comment about the fact that our team answers each call the same courteous way, whether it is answered at eight in the morning or at five in the afternoon.  That is dedication.

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