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Monarch Medical Director speaks before N.C. Medicaid Preferred Drug List Review Panel

10-r mchale3Monarch Medical Director Dr. Robert McHale, MD, MS, FAPA, was among several experts who shared input during the public comment session held during the N.C. Medicaid Preferred Drug List Review Panel in Raleigh earlier this month. McHale was the first physician of the day to speak before the panel.

The panel met to hear public comments related to the proposed changes to the Preferred Drug List (PDL). McHale made a recommendation to remove a medication from the preferred list, which he said would help reduce the barriers to care.  The panel agreed with his suggestion. Mental healthcare was well-represented among the 17 speakers -including N.C. Psychiatric Association (NCPA) Executive Director, Robin Huffman- and more than 1.5 hours of public comments about the inclusion of psychiatric drugs on the PDL. The panel also received many written comments from individuals and groups.


Click here to see the NCPA's official comment.

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