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Helping families cope with mental illness: Bart Kean’s Story

7-Bart-Dr-KeanWhen Bart Kean was 26-years-old his goal was to be a filmmaker. With his degree in hand, he left the east coast for Hollywood, landing a job at The Post Group, a post-production film company, where he dreamed of moving up among the ranks. As he began his job, he also started on a spiritual journey, and began to meditate daily.

During this time he began to hear voices. At first he thought it had something to do with meditation, but the voices soon turned into a nightly occurrence becoming increasingly hostile and oppressive. One night, after weeks of hearing these same voices telling him he needed to die, Kean decided to take matters into his own hands.

Click here to read the remaining story in our Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Reaching Dreams.

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