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Presidential encounters

President StoryKevin Powell receives Innovation Day Supports in Whiteville, N.C. through Monarch. He has always dreamed of meeting the President of the United States. When program manager, Michael Lee, found out he started to brainstorm ways to make that happen.

First he contacted his sister who lives in Washington, D.C. and works for the federal government. After several days, and reaching out to various friends, she was able to get a large photo of the president and bring it to North Carolina when she came for a visit. The staff at Columbus Industries framed the photo and presented it to Powell who was very excited to receive the gift, and has proudly hung the photo up for friends and family to see.

After seeing the joy the photo brought Powell, Lee decided to contact President Obama himself. In his email he told Obama about Monarch and the people we support. A few weeks ago he received a signed letter back from the president.

Obama thanked him for writing and said: “Of course, we still have more to do to get our health care system where it needs to be and to make sure this law works for everyone. While it will not be easy, hearing from people like you fills me with resolve to get that job done once and for all.”

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