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Senceria Cruse works to keep children safe

Senceria CruseMeet Senceria Cruse. She is a crossing guard and a security officer in Winston Salem.

Through Monarch’s Supported Employment Program, her job coach helped her get training, learn important skills for employment and develop a plan for her dream job.

Cruse started her current role last year. During the week she is Brunson Elementary School’s crossing guard and she often fills in as a security officer with Langford Security.

Cruse said at first she was afraid because she had never worked in a security/safety position before, but after meeting the students on her first day all the worry disappeared and she started to love the job.


Her favorite part of being a crossing guard is meeting people. “I have to look out for their safety and I like to talk to the parents and kids and have a nice relationship with them," Cruse said. "It makes me feel good that I have a job to do and a responsibility to make sure people are safe and that the cars stop so I can let people cross.”


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