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N&N: New Horizons Performs Christmas Play: “A Stranger at the Manger”

stranger mangerLast week, Davidson County Community College (DCCC) and Monarch’s New Horizons in Mocksville presented a Christmas play called “A Stranger at the Manger” for the local community.

Mark Scott, a site manager at New Horizons, said the play was about acceptance. 

“Those who are different can and should be accepted. Our differences are what make us unique. Everyone contributes to the community in some way, even when we cannot do everything perfectly, we do it to the best of our abilities,” Scott said.

The play was held at the New Horizons’ facility in Mocksville and many family and friends from the community attended the performance. The day also included Christmas music by staff and DCCC students, as well as a craft show.

Scott added the play helped show the local community that Monarch’s services can help individuals build character and self-esteem. He also said that classes offered through DCCC can help them develop skills educationally and socially to prepare them for life, and through plays like ‘A Stranger at the Manger,’ they learn to express themselves through the arts.

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