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Monarch Spotlight: November 2013

Mandie Lynch – Q&Amandie lynch

How long have you worked at Monarch?
Started at Forsyth Industrial Systems (FIS) in Winston-Salem in 2007. I was a direct support worker there for four years while I attended school for two of those years while I was working on my master’s degree. I became management at FIS after that, and then four months after became Qualified Professional at Vocational Opportunities in the Community (VOC) in Asheboro. 

How did you first became affiliated with the agency? What’s your title?
I was in my last year of college and interning at the Employment Security Commission (ESC). Monarch came over to the ESC and I went to do an interview with them. After the interview, I was hired as a one-on-one Community Alternatives Program (CAP) worker. I started this position right after I graduated with my BS in Rehabilitation Studies. My job title was developmental specialist.

What has been your most rewarding or satisfying experience, or your proudest moment while working here?
Most rewarding was when I was a one-on-one worker for the four years I was part-time at FIS. Seeing the growth and progress of the person I worked with, and to see all the progress he made [was very rewarding]. I took him out in the community and we worked on verbal skills- he was non-verbal at the beginning, but over four years he made progress from one word to saying sentences.

Another rewarding experience is praise dancing. I do that with a young woman we support at FIS-- Arnae Bacon. I enjoy doing something I love with the people we support. I love supporting the people we serve, seeing their growth is very rewarding.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?  
I love praise dancing. Most people think I’m a very shy person. People don’t know I love being able to listen to music and come up with moves and share with people my emotions through that.

How would your family describe you?
They think I’m a caring and compassionate person, very giving – very humble.

What do you do when you aren't working?
I’m doing things for church or working on stuff with our praise team or praise dancing. I help my mom because she’s a pastor in Martinsville.

Favorite place to visit?
The Outer Banks. I like the beach, and to get away and relax.

Movie or song that best describes you?
“Faithful” by Hezekiah Walker, because I'm faithful in all that I do. I always try to do my best, and I like to give my all. I do not like to half do things.

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