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Lindsey Colavito doesn’t allow scars to define her

Lindsey ColavitoFollowing a life-altering surgery, young woman pursues dream of higher education

“I was at the top of my class before my surgery. When I went back to school, I wasn’t. It was tough. I felt like everyone was looking at me because of the scar on my head.”

Once at the top of her class, Lindsey Colavito, 28, was a member of the Beta Club and cheerleading squad, before she suffered a brain tumor at age 13. After undergoing a major surgery, Colavito was left with no short term memory.

“I went through rehabilitation, speech therapy and physical therapy. I couldn’t have done it without the support of friends, family, Monarch staff and doctors,” Colavito said.

Despite tremendous adversities, Colavito has successfully worked to put the scars behind her and hasn’t allowed them or her struggles to define her or her life. Many of the academic achievements that once came easily to Colavito years earlier are more difficult since her surgery. She has worked hard to pursue her goal of higher education. This past May, Colavito earned a second associate degree in business from Stanly Community College (SCC). She earned her first degree in Early Childhood Education at SCC three years earlier.

To learn more about Colavito’s amazing journey, look for the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Reaching Dreams, which is scheduled to print in November.

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