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Several staff, people supported raise awareness about important issues
Last month, several staff and people supported worked diligently to raise awareness and educate their neighbors during Autism Awareness Month. Autism puzzle pendants - Region 2People supported made puzzle pendants, which they distributed to daycares, local community colleges, classrooms and wore themselves to demonstrate support. 

“Autism affects  us, all  in the  field as  many of the  individuals  we  support  may have this  diagnosis,” explained Hakim Ellis, operations manager, who said their efforts didn’t end in April. “We are continuing our endeavors and have included Asthma Awareness, National Foster Care Month and   National Children’s Mental Health Awareness as our outreach projects in May.” Continue to look for us, as we encourage others to become active in community involvement and leadership.”

‘Hope Box’ created to uplift, inspire others
Donna with Hope BoxDuring last month’s successful Carnival Festival, a celebratory event for people we support, staff, family and friends, held at the Monarch Creative Arts & Community Center, a new concept – the Hope Box, was introduced. The Hope Box is decorated by people supported and then filled with inspirational messages, poems, scriptures and quotes to help uplift.

“Whenever a staff or resident is in need, they can pull out an inspirational message from the box to help uplift their spirits, to motivate or inspire them, Hakim Ellis explained. “The creative process was initiated by staff Jamissa Howard, developmental specialist at the Connecticut Avenue Home in Southern Pines. Both staff and residents have been instrumental in the creative and learning process of CLIC (Community Life Improvement Committee) initiatives.

“Our plan is to provide area homes with a Hope Box,” Ellis said. “We are also going to provide a box  to  the  nursing  home where the  residents  volunteer.”

Pictured: Donna Roth, a resident at Connecticut Avenue, poses with a "hope box,” which contains encouraging poems, quotes and messages to help uplift people.

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