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Progress at Work
Few things are as empowering for the people we support as being able to work and earn their own income. Which is why, when someone is ready, we do everything in our power to get them on the road to successful employment. Our Employment Services give the people we support the opportunity to acquire employable skills, train for specific jobs, learn interviewing and interpersonal skills for the workplace, and maintain employment over time. We’ve found that as a result of their work experience, individuals gain a sense of self-worth and achievement that’s far more valuable than any paycheck.

Employment Services

Vocational Assessment
There’s a big difference between finding a job for a person we support and finding the right job. That’s why we use employment assessment tools to help identify an individual’s unique talents and interests before we try to match them with a job. We want the people we support to be happy getting out of bed each day. The best way to guarantee that is to find them a job that they really enjoy.

Work Adjustment
Finding a job requires perseverance and organization. Our Employment Specialists are dedicated to helping individuals plan their job search, complete a resume, fill out applications, and set up and prepare for interviews. Support is offered to help people learn to come to work on time, respond appropriately to a supervisor in the workplace, and make friends at work.

Supported Employment
Once a person we support secures a job, a Monarch Job Coach will accompany them to their workplace and assist them with their duties until they are ready to do them on their own. After that, ongoing support is available at various intervals to ensure that things remain consistently smooth.

Business Development
Many of the people we support dream about working for themselves, and we’re all about making those dreams come true. Whether it’s opening a coffee kiosk in a hospital, managing a worm farm, selling handmade jewelry, or starting a pet-sitting service, we do everything we can to help qualified individuals set up and manage their own small business.

The Soft Skills
There’s more to succeeding at a job than just doing what’s asked of you.  Things like interacting with others, dressing appropriately, and arriving on time are all important factors as well. Of course, these same skills translate to every facet of a person’s life, both in and out of the workplace. We go to great lengths to instill life skills like punctuality, effective communication, and teamwork in the people we support. These are invaluable skills for them to have, whether they’re trying to land the perfect job, make social plans for the weekend, or open their own bank account.

On-The-Job Training
Monarch manages several businesses that we use to give the people we support hands-on training and skills for future employment. For instance, individuals that work at our on-site car wash and detailing business develop communication skills, the ability to follow directions, and other tangible traits that can be used in other employment arenas. Monarch’s Creative Arts & Community Center is the home for GiftIt, a store featuring a variety of artistic works created solely by the individuals we support. GiftIt gives these individuals the opportunity to sell their wares (both in person and eventually on-line) to the general public, fostering a sense of accomplishment, acceptance, and entrepreneurial spirit along the way.

Finished with school?
Leaving the familiar cocoon of high school can be an exciting and scary time for most people. We try to ease the transition for the individuals we support by exploring the many opportunities that await them after graduation. We help schedule informational career interviews, tours of local colleges, and preview various housing options. Our goal is to help the people we support transition successfully from school into whatever they choose the next phase of their life to be.

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