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pic65What We Do Changes Lives

Monarch is a nonprofit organization supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, and substance abuse challenges. As one of the largest providers of our kind in North Carolina, we offer a full spectrum of services designed to meet the diverse needs of the people we support and their loved ones. 

For Individuals

Our primary goal is to help the people we support help themselves. The first step is sitting down with an individual and his or her family to explore their strengths, needs, and dreams for the future. We look at the skills a person has, and where they might need assistance. Together, we formulate a relevant, customized plan to meet that individual’s objectives. The plan utilizes *evidence-based practices that friends, family members, and caregivers can understand and participate in.

As a person grows and changes, so does their personal plan. Our services help the people we support get out into their communities to build new relationships and try new activities. Whether it’s a book club, volunteering, or a weekly gathering at a coffee shop, we encourage the kind of everyday activities that help people feel like active members of their community. For people who need supported housing, we offer a wide variety of safe, happy living environments that satisfy the unique needs of the people we support, while also offering them a sense of freedom and responsibility. And our Employment Services ensure that individuals of all skill levels have the opportunity to experience the benefits and self-satisfaction that come with working and earning a wage.  At Monarch, we believe that every facet of life should be explored and enjoyed, and we encourage the people we support to take part in as much as possible.

For Families

We are very aware that the families of the individuals we support often need support themselves. Our experienced staff is prepared to help, whether it’s answering questions about our state funding system, assisting in developing an IEP, a social security disability application, or just advising on how to best assist a loved one in a certain scenario. We actively seek input from the people we support and their family members (when appropriate) before determining which Monarch staff member has the experience and personality that best matches their unique needs. We believe that empowering family members is critical, and that their healthy input is essential to what we are trying to accomplish. 

For Us

We actively recruit and hire only the best candidates to represent Monarch as members of our staff. In fact, we insist on hiring individuals who share our values and expectations so that we may uniformly deliver the exceptional services that the people we support deserve. When it comes to treatment, we employ best, *evidence-based practices, and only utilize positive approach strategies. Monarch staff stays at the innovative edge of the industry via online learning and college-level classes developed by national experts at the College of Direct Support. Most importantly, our family of caring professionals work hard to provide a nurturing environment that enables us to interact in a more meaningful and effective way with every person we support.

*Evidence-based practices – practices that have consistent, scientific evidence showing improved outcomes for patients or participants.

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