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Residential Services

pic37At Monarch, we try to create warm, positive places that our residents will be proud to call home. Whether it’s an individual apartment or a group home setting, we encourage residents to create spaces that reflect their own personal tastes and interests, while still being accepting and respectful of the people around them. At the end of a long day, or at the start of a new one, home is the one place where everyone should feel safe, relaxed, and happy.

Personal Attention

Our Monarch staff is on hand inside our homes to ensure that the unique health, safety, and lifestyle requirements of our residents are continually being met. We don’t expect our residents to fit into a cookie-cutter system. If a resident doesn’t like broccoli, we’ll offer okra instead. If someone prefers to be tucked in at night, we can do that. If others prefer their privacy, that’s fine, too. We take it upon ourselves to adapt to the unique wants and needs of the people we support. Everybody’s different, and thank goodness for that.

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