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Program Components

Prevocational Program “The Work Ordered Day”

Members participate in the work ordered day five days a week mimicking normal business hours. In collaboration with staff, individuals answer the phone or make supportive “check in” calls to members who have been absent for a while, perform a wide array of important clerical duties, welcome guests and new members, prepare and serve lunch, manage the snack bar, and participate in job training. Work is fundamental to each member’s daily routine, making transition into paid employment in the community the next natural step in meeting individualized vocational goals. Over 200 members have participated in pre-vocational programming over the last five years.


Administrative/Employment Unit:  This unit is responsible for all administrative and employment related tasks.  Daily Tasks include attendance, billing, computer tasks, the member bank, new member orientation, and filing.

Culinary Unit: The culinary unit is responsible for preparing lunch daily, operating the snack bar, inventory, shopping, purchasing clubhouse supplies, cleaning yard work, selling meal tickets and maintaining the budget for each unit.

Daily Clubhouse Activities:  Unit Meetings twice daily, daily reach out to members not in attendance, specific work related to work-ordered day unit, birthday celebration on day of birthday with unit.

Weekly Clubhouse Activities:  Program Meeting, Independent Living & Culinary Unit Shopping, Supportive Housing Visits, and Food Shuttle Trip.

Monthly Clubhouse Activities:  Minimum of four Social Activities per Month

Employment Program

The Transitional Employment Program is designed to bridge the gap between the work units at Club Horizon and competitive employment. The jobs are real jobs, not sheltered workshops or created employment situations. Members are paid by the employer, and the employer is guaranteed that if a member is unable to attend work, another member or staff person will cover the job to ensure that daily production is met. Members typically work TE placements for six months. A basic component of the program is the frequent support given to the club member. Armed with confidence, skills, and a good job reference, the TE employee can then move on to more challenging full-time or part-time employment. The vacant TE slot is immediately filled by another Clubhouse member and the process outlined above is repeated.

Education Program

Club Horizon provides opportunities for continuing education through relationships with Wake Technical Community College and the Adult education program. Members will be able to earn High School diplomas through GED classes. Club Horizon will also facilitate higher education through on-line courses and transportation to and from classes.

Social Program

The Social Program assists members with developing appropriate social skills and maintaining friendships. Social activities will be planned and arranged by interested club members. Social activities include sporting events, trips to the library, eating out, movies, picnics, dances and annual holiday parties. This program will be used to help reconnect with supports in the community.

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