Pro Pallet South

Quite possibly the most refreshing aspect about Pro Pallet South and its working relationship with Monarch is that the owners don’t really see it as a big deal.

Lori Collare of Pro Pallet tells it like it is: “The truth is, these people really want to work. They show up on time, get the job done and really put forth the effort. We just need people who want to work.”

Pro Pallet South has hired six Monarch individuals over the past three years.

It currently employ three Monarchsupported individuals. According to Lori, who is in charge of hiring for Pro Pallet South, “In our business, some people say they want to work, but then fail to show up or perform. With Monarch employees, we get many benefits: people who want to work, a job coach supporting them, and people committed to the job. Everyone has an opportunity. What they do with it is up to them.”

Well, one person who has reveled in that opportunity is Mike Poplin. Mike, with the help of Employment Specialist Wade Plummer, has had a great experience working for Pro Pallet South. His hard work and determination have earned him a raise and a position created by Pro Pallet just for him. Mike is committed to Pro Pallet and appreciates the opportunity: “The job coach has helped me with some challenges of the job. The workplace understands my feelings and needs. They are nice people and fair.”

Wade speaks positively about the working relationship saying, “Monarch works much like a placement agency with employers. Some matches work and others do not.

Unlike some employers who won’t give us a second chance if someone doesn’t work out, the folks at Pro Pallet South are willing to try again and give someone else a chance. They treat each person as an individual and really appreciate the job coach support.”

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